Whether you’re planning a corporate training day, a birthday party or school field-trip, our five rental locations in Edmonton have a space for you.

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Boyle Street Plaza

Located in Edmonton's Quarters District, Boyle Street Plaza features a large multi-purpose gymnasium with a stage and green room, meeting rooms, and kitchen for your next conference, sports league game or media availability/press conference space.

Castle Downs, Don Wheaton, Jamie Platz & William Lutsky Family YMCAs

Featuring fitness studios, multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums and pools, four YMCA locations in Edmonton can host your next birthday party, family gathering, sporting event or meeting!

  • Castle Downs Family YMCA (North Edmonton) 
  • Don Wheaton Family YMCA (Downtown Edmonton) 
  • Jamie Platz Family YMCA (West Edmonton) 
  • William Lutsky Family YMCA (South Edmonton) 


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