Parent and caregiver programs at the Y bring parents, children, caregivers and families together through workshops, one-on-one support and community connections. Meet similar families through group activities in a comfortable environment and learn about other services in your community. 

Our Programs

Family Supports by YMCA Family Connect

Family Supports is a voluntary, early intervention program that provides support to families with children 7-18 years old to strengthen family functioning. Parents are supported to create a nurturing and safe family environment, build resiliency within themselves and their children, build new social connections, and learn about positive parenting and child development. Families can participate in the program for up to three years.

The Family Support program offers in-home support for families in the Grande Prairie region, in partnership with the Grande Prairie and Area Family Resource Network and North Central Edmonton through the North Central Edmonton Family Resource Network. The Family Support program is a free, confidential and voluntary service funded by the Government of Alberta's Ministry of Children's Services.


All services offered as part of the Family Connect are completely free, including:

  • Supportive counselling and goal setting
  • Consultation and support to improve parent-child interactions
  • In-home support
  • Parent education
  • Family interactive programming and activities
  • Personal and family advocacy
  • Information and referrals to additional resources


To access Family Supports, contact your nearest YMCA:

Home Visitation by YMCA Family Connect

Home Visitation provides support for families with children aged 0-6 yrs (including prenatal), in the Wood Buffalo region and Edmonton region through the North Central Edmonton Family Resource Network


Supports include early intervention, strengthening family connections, coaching and supports for parents, families and caregivers. Once eligible for the program, services can be provided until a child reaches six years of age. Services can be provided a few times per week depending on the needs of the family. Services include:

  • Improving parenting knowledge and skills on child development, nutrition, safety, injury prevention, appropriate discipline, good communication skills, problem-solving
  • Encouraging healthy child development by supporting families to create a safe, stimulating home environment.
  • Teaching the importance of bonding to regulate emotions under stress and in difficult situations.
  • Linking families with their community by providing supportive referrals to other agencies, based on each family's needs and goals.


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North Central Edmonton Family Resource Network

This Family Resource Network provides free family-focused workshops and events to help strengthen family functioning, create a nurturing and safe family environment, and build resiliency in North Edmonton.

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YMCA Caregiver and Parent Education

Parent education programming serves families with children and youth. Parent and caregiver education will support families to gain knowledge about parenting and their child’s development.

Our Workshops

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Expand your skills in an in-person or virtual workshop with the Y! Workshops are offered to a wide variety of audiences, including parents, grandparents, caregivers, and single parents.

YMCA Child Care

High quality child care at the Y is more affordable than ever! Children registered in YMCA Kindercare programs can access the Affordability Grant which lowers Child Care fees by up to 50%. If you qualify for subsidy, this may further reduce our fees up to 90%. 

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